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PGA Coach

What is PGA Coach?

PGA Coach is a set of tools and resources provided by the PGA that follows the American Development Model (ADM) and applies it to golf. PGA Coach has the tools to allow you to maximize your potential as a coach, lead from the front, and get organized. With PGA Coach training, you can get ADM Certified and help every student reach their goals and become a life-long golfer.


Getting Started With PGA Coach

PGA Coach training is quick and easy, ensuring that all PGA Professionals have access to the resources provided by the ADM, the PGA of America and other allied associations. The PGA Coach training is around two hours long. You can use any device and complete it at your own pace.

Read about the three parts of training below.

PGA Coach training is an interactive video training designed to give a deeper understanding of the Seven Stages of ADM, and how to incorporate them into your facility plan. The training session takes approximately two hours to complete.

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Through the PGA Coach App, PGA and LPGA Members can get access to activity planning, note taking and assessment tools that make it easy to quickly start applying ADM principles.

The PGA Coach Directory offers a national lookup of ADM approved programs including PGA Jr. League, Drive Chip & Putt, LPGA/USGA Girls Golf and the First Tee.

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Benefits of PGA.Coach

The American Development Model (ADM) is essential for growing the game of golf and vital to your success as a coach. PGA Coach resources will enable you to promote your business through PGA marketing services so that you can grow and retain your customer base.

The ADM Certificate and PGA Coach will allow you, as a PGA Professional, to evolve and adapt to the changes in the game and to a new generation of players. Read below to see the different aspects of PGA Coach benefits.

PGA Coach provides coaches with the tools to better teach and market their services to current and prospective clients.

Driving more play to your facility is a key to creating a successful operation. People who play better golf inherently play more golf — this comes with additional spending for other areas of the facility, too.

Selling to and retaining the customers who enjoy their time on the golf course will create added value to any facility. We want to make sure we are intentional and open in all of these relationships. Great coaching will retain customers and members who are able to develop those special relationships with their coach.

PGA Coach Profile

  • PGA Coach will provide the SEO, web traffic and potential students so that you are able to focus on your existing students.
  • When used in conjunction with PGA Calendar, students can book time with you directly on


PGA Calendar

  • The PGA Calendar reduces the back and forth with your students and makes it easier and more time-efficient.


PGA Group Events

  • Create an engaging group event for your local community! The PGA Coach team will create a marketing page for you on and handle all the registrations.


PGA Payments (Coming Soon!)

  • Choose if you want your students to pay online or in-person. Either way, we’ve got you covered with in-app payment processing

What is ADM and How Does it Work?

In 2014, the US Olympic Committee, in partnership with the National Governing Bodies, created the American Development Model (ADM) to help Americans realize their full athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle. The model uses long-term athlete development concepts to coach as many as possible, as long as possible, with the best experiences possible.

Golf’s governing bodies (LPGA, The Masters, PGA of America, PGA TOUR, USGA & USA Golf) have partnered with the US Olympic Committee to apply ADM to golf. The goal is to create athletes that love the game, realize their potential and become life-long golfers. To help professionals and facilities across the country adopt this model, the PGA of America created PGA Coach.


Golf’s new pathway is built on the principles of the American Development Model (ADM), a proven, long-term athlete development model that has been successfully applied to USA Hockey, USOC, USA Basketball and USA Lacrosse.

Creating positive experiences early, for all athletes, will keep more players engaged and retained in our sport. Introducing the right aspects of play in a structure that is fun, engaging, and progressively challenging, allows golfers of all ages to experience the challenges and joys of our sport.

American Development Model was designed by sports scientists to help support a lifetime affinity to sports, and to develop athletes to their greatest potential. These principles align physical and psychological development to stages, delivering appropriate skills and exercise at the appropriate time.

  1. Developmentally appropriate activities that emphasize motor and foundational skill development
  2. Enhanced entry to create opportunity for all
  3. Encourage multi-sport participation
  4. Fun, engaging and challenging atmosphere
  5. Quality coaching at all age levels

The Golf ADM Pathway

The pathway should be used to reference what key concepts participants should focus on as they develop and grow in their golf experience

Active Start

Boys: 0-6

Girls: 0-6


Boys: 6-9

Girls: 6-8

Learn to Play

Boys: 9-12

Girls: 8-11

Play to Improve

Boys: 12-16

Girls: 11-15

Play to Compete

Boys: 16-23

Girls: 15-21

Play to Win

Boys: 19+

Girls: 18+

Play Golf for Life

Boys: All Ages

Girls: All Ages