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Pro-Am Championship


The Wisconsin PGA is proud to present the Oliphant Golf Management Pro-Am Championship for the seventh straight year. With the help of Oliphant Golf Management and The GC’s of Lawsonia, the event will once again put an exclamation point on the pro-am season. Teams will have a chance to earn a spot in the field at the eight “regular season” pro-ams that the Wisconsin PGA offers. In addition a bonus spot will be up for grabs at the PGA Reach Wisconsin Pro-Am Fundraiser.

Where can teams qualify?

The top 3 finishers among the eligible teams at the pro-ams at Wisconsin Club, Bishops Bay CC, The Club at Strawberry Creek, Bullseye GC, Wild Rock GC, Janesville CC, the Irish Course at Whistling Straits, and Tuckaway CC, will qualify for the championship field. In addition the top eligible team with one WPGA professional and three amateurs at the PGA Reach Wisconsin Pro-Am Fundraiser will qualify for the championship.

NOTE: Once a professional qualifies, he will not be able to qualify with another team.

What professionals have qualified so far?

Mike Aschenbach, John Bailey, Brian Brodell, Charlie Brown, Tom Burton, Jamie Christianson, Michael Crowley, Craig Czerniejewski, Joaquin Diaz, Rob Elliott, Shaun Finley, Josh Grisa, Andy Hansen, Ryan Helminen, Scott LeMire, Joe Leonard, Andy Podolak, Jason Rasmussen, David Roesch, Matt Sabol, Jason Samuelian, Austin Schloesser, Brook Schmitt, Gunnar Stapp and Mark Voeller

Will there be an additional way to qualify?

After the Suter Ward Group at Morgan Stanley Pro-Am at the Irish Course a random drawing will be held and another spot will be given away. Every time a WPGA professional tees it up in a Wisconsin PGA pro-am they will receive an entry into the drawing. The drawing will be made up of professionals that have not already qualified.

Will there be alternates?

For each event, there will also be two alternates in case a professional that qualifies elects not to play in the championship. If a professional declines to play, their spot in the championship will be filled from an alternate rotation. The order of the alternate grid will be randomly drawn in the near future.

Additional Qualifying Rules

When a team qualifies, the professional earns the spot, not the team. The professional cannot transfer his spot to another professional. The professional will then have the option to invite whichever amateurs he wishes (professional substitutions will be considered for extenuating circumstances).

The #1 handicap hole will be utilized to settle all ties for spots and alternates.