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PGA Junior League

PGA Jr. League

As a PGA member, you are at the forefront of providing boys and girls the opportunity to learn, play and love golf for a lifetime. Open to boys and girls 17 & under,  kids wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends against other courses in their area.  As a Coach of a team you make a significant impact on youth, their families, your facility and surrounding community.

If you participated in the program last year, how do you see it improving at your facility? Are there any issues, roadblocks or challenges you had in the past year that can be addressed? What are some of your best practices that others can replicate?

If you haven’t been a Coach, what’s holding you back? What are your concerns about implementing PGA Jr. League at your facility? Let’s set up a time to chat. Scroll down to contact your PGA Jr. League support staff. If you are participating in 2021, or are even just a bit curious to learn more about the program CLICK HERE to visit

View our program map by clicking here. 

Coach Resource Center

Food & Beverage: Players and Captains/Coaches will be provided lunch at no charge. All spectators may purchase lunch at their discretion. Cash and credit cards are both accepted.

Spectator Golf Carts: Golf carts will be available to spectators at a first come, first serve basis- based on the discretion of the host site. Spectator carts could range from $15-25 per cart.

Spectator and Player Dress Code: Golf Clothes preferred, (No denim, no tank tops, collared shirts preferred)

Range Ball Fees: There is no charge for range balls for the participants.

Tees & Yardages:

Boys 11-under and Girls 13-under must play from the FORWARD tees. The maximum yardage for the FORWARD tees is 2,300 yards:

  • Par three’s should not exceed 115 yards.
  •  Par four’s should not exceed 275 yards.
  •  Par five’s should not exceed 375 yards.

Boys 12-over and Girls 14-over must play from the MIDDLE tees. The maximum yardage for the MIDDLE tees is 2,600 yards:

  • Par three’s should not exceed 130 yards.
  •  Par four’s should not exceed 300 yards.
  •  Par five’s should not exceed 415 yards.

Boys 16-older will play from the BACK  tees Recommended maximum yardage for the BACK tees is approximately 2,900 yards:

  • Par three’s should not exceed 145 yards.
  • Par four’s should not exceed  325 yards.
  • Par five’s should not exceed 450 yards.

Throughout the National Car Rental PGA Jr. League Championship Season, the player’s league age (their age on July 31) is the age that will be used to determine the appropriate tees.

PGA Jr. League Support Staff

Erika Pirkl, PGA

Director of Player Development
Wisconsin PGA

Frank Chieppa, PGA

Regional Manager, PGA Jr. League
Serving WI, IL, IA, MN and NE