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PQ and QE: Tournament Eligibility and Information

All A-8 Members of the Wisconsin PGA and registered Associates (B classification) are considered members of the Assistants Committee (formerly WAGPA)  and may participate as long as they are in good standing with the PGA of America. Any suspended member or associate may not participate in events. An associate terminated for not becoming a PGA member within 9 years may only participate in WPGA member/associate only events in the future as either a PGA Associate or a PGA member.

Definition of PQ – person that has taken and passed a background check and paid the $200 to have access to the 4 online qualifying level courses – Introduction to the PGA PGM Program, PGA Constitution, Introduction to the Rules of Golf, and Career Enhancement. Individuals have a maximum of 9 months to pass the PQ courses and supplemental quizzes from the date of registration. On overage, it takes an individual less than one month to complete. To register for the Qualifying Level – contact the PGA of America at 1-800-474-2776 or visit and find the “become a member” section in conjunction with the PGA Associate program.

Definition of QE – person that has taken and passed the background check and passed the courses and supplemental quizzes on the above courses.  Individuals have 12 months to register as an Associate from the date of passing the PQ courses/quizzes.

PGA Associate – person that has taken and passed the background check and passed the qualifying exams on the above courses, provided proof of a qualifying PAT score, completed the application for the PGA PGM program and paid the applicable fees including Level 1 and PGA Associate dues.

Tournament Eligibility Rules – Individuals that are either a PQ or a QE may register with the Wisconsin PGA to participate in tournaments for a fee of $100. PQ and QE’s must be employed full-time in the Wisconsin PGA in a classification eligible for application into the Associate program.  The non-refundable fee is $100 regardless of how many events you participate in.  This approval is good for one golf season only, April-October. Individuals may register for one season only as a PQ and one season only as a QE. Registration is for the current calendar year and does not carry over into the next calendar year.

  • To register: please click here and the payment link will be emailed to you once completed. Please allow 48-72 hours for processing.

*Pro-Assistant’s Championship* – In addition to A-8, registered associates, PQ and QE approved tournament players, any professional working full-time at a facility with a WPGA Professional on staff may pay an additional $50 fee to participate in the event.  This exception is a one-time exception and the individual will forfeit their amateur status by playing in the event. To be eligible for this tournament, please click here to sign up. We will reach out to your supervisor listed and send you the payment link. Please allow up to 1 week for processing.

Responsibility of the Applicant: The applicant hereby agrees to adhere to and be bound by the Code of Ethics as set forth in the Constitution of the PGA of America, the by-laws of the Wisconsin PGA, and the tournament rules established by the Tournament Policy Board. The applicant further agrees to conduct himself/herself at all times, in a manner that will bring him/herself and to the professionals of the Wisconsin PGA. The applicant further agrees to conduct himself/herself at all times, in a manner that is consistent with all professionals of the Wisconsin PGA.

Tournament Limitations: Approved player’s status will permit the PQ or QE to participate in all tournaments co-sponsored by the WPGA, excluding those events which are for WPGA members only. Please keep in mind some events have priority registration for PGA members and associates (Classics & Pro-Ams).

FINAL NOTE: Applicants hereby agree to forgo their amateur status upon approval of their application to become a WPGA tournament player as a PQ or QE. Consequently, this temporary membership does not register you with the PGA of America or give you status with the national organization.