It was a hot and breezy day as a sold out field traveled to Hidden Glen GC in Cedarburg for the Summer Pro-Ladies on Monday. After a needed adjustment to the WPGA schedule due to Covid-19, the two Pro-Ladies sites for 2020 consolidated into just one. Twenty-four five player teams from throughout the Section would make up Monday’s field.

Negotiating the challenging greens at the P.B. Dye design the best were the teams led by Kurt Mantyla and Joe Stadler. Each team has a past title on their resume, so they knew exactly what it would take to shoot the winning score. That winning score would turn out to be 17-under-par 127 in the two net best ball contest. Rounding out the Mantyla team would be Sami Forster, Jill Trider, Sarah Dekraay and Karen Schmid. As for the Stadler squad, it would include Alison Holub, Chris Briceno, Nicole Jere and Jeannie Halquist. For prize and trophy purposes the Mantyla team would take home the top spot, via a scorecard playoff on the #1 handicap hole.

In the low pro game it would be a little home cooking that would help Tom Burton to the win. The Hidden Glen GC assistant professional would card a 3-under-par 69, for a two shot win over Charlie Brown. As for Brown he would get the consolation prize of the low senior professional title.

A big thank you goes out to JoFit and representative Wendy Warmolts. 2020 marked the third straight year that JoFit has been nice enough to support the Pro-Ladies. Wendy was once again onsite to give participants a great buying opportunity for some nice items, and also help enhance the event through a giveaway and purse contribution.

The WPGA would also like to express our gratitude to Hidden Glen GC and their staff. After a washout in 2019 the club was back on board and excited to host in 2020. They provided some great playing conditions and did good job of making the long stretch of tee times work from a logistical angle.

WPGA Pro-Ladies – Summer Event – Results