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Pre-Associate Forms/Eligibility

All A-8 Members of the Wisconsin PGA and registered associates are considered members of the Assistants Committee (formerly WAGPA)  and may participate as long as they are in good standing with the PGA of America. Any suspended member or associate may not participate in events.

Joining the Assistants Committee as a pre-associate is a great way for new assistant golf professionals to find out if becoming a PGA of America member is right for them.  The membership allows you the chance to be affiliated with the Wisconsin PGA before officially registering for the PGA Professional Golf Management program.  The membership also grants you access to play in Section events.  Assistant professionals can also use this time to fulfill the prerequisites required to enter the PGA PGM program. To join, please fill out the application linked below. Allow up to one business week for processing. 

TAKE NOTE – Individuals that have signed up for the pre-qualifying level with the PGA of America are not affiliated with the Wisconsin Section and ineligible to play in our events until they become a registered associate or join as a pre-associate in the mean time.

Pre-associate applicants must be employed in an eligible employment classification in the Wisconsin Section. Pre-associates are eligible to join the Assistants Committee a maximum of two times, regardless of date joined. Memberships expire on 5/1 of the following season. For example: If you join on 4/15/20, your membership is valid until 5/1/21. If you join on 9/1/2020, your membership is valid until 5/1/21.  There are 3 levels of dues: 

  • planning to play in 0-4 events – $125
  • planning to play in 5+ events – $175
  • joining after September 1 – $50

In extenuating circumstances an individual that has used up their two pre-associate membership opportunities, may submit a letter in writing to the WPGA Tournament Policy Board requesting the opportunity to submit a third application”.

When it comes to tournaments, Pre-Associates are not eligible for Assistant Player of the Year points so they will not be able to qualify for the Royal Cup, win player of the year or any awards for top season long points competitions or receive the state open exemption for most POY points by any assistant not otherwise exempt.  Pre-Associates will receive whatever purse money they earn associated with the place they finish in any event.

A terminated associate MAY NO LONGER join the Assistants Committee as a pre-associate after their 8 years are up, they must re-register with the PGA of America.

Please note by joining the Assistants’ Committee as a pre-associate it does not give you affiliation with the PGA of America. Your introductory membership is being granted by the Wisconsin Section PGA and all questions on the membership should be directed to the Section office. Information on how to start the process of becoming a PGA member will be included with your pre-associate welcome packet.

***Once you join the Assistants Committee as a Pre-Associate, you are a professional and your amateur status is forfeited. If your membership with the Assistants Committee has expired and you wish to get your amateur status reinstated, please find more information on and contact them directly to begin the process.***

CLICK HERE to begin your application.