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Today is December 14, 2018

Get Golf Ready



Get Golf Ready is marketed as an introductory lesson program to attract new and lapsed golfers to the game. Incorporating a combination of instruction both off AND on the course is the key to developing the next wave of the golfing community.  


Get Golf Ready in particular has wide-ranging support, a recognized brand and far-reaching promotion while still maintaining flexibility for each PGA Professional's needs. The program pricing, structure and curriculum can be customized to each unique facility and its player development goals.

The program also has a track record of success. Research shows 86% of those who graduate from a GGR program continue to play the game. This cumulative, building effect of Get Golf Ready will pay dividends immediately and years to time while you create lifetime customers.



Frequently Asked Questions: 


Already host a Get Golf Ready program? CLICK HERE to download the PDF on how to post your MSR's on

Need curriculum guide? CLICK HERE to download. 

Do I need to call it Get Golf Ready? No, you can name your program whatever you'd like based on fitting your customers' needs. 

How much should I charge, and how many lessons should be included?  The PGA promotes Get Golf Ready as a series of 5 lessons for $99. You can incorporate as many lessons and value your program based on how  you see fit. The minimum number of students you need is 3 per class to be eligible for MSR's. 


Who can I contact for more information? Get in touch with a member of the Player Development Committee or contact Erika Pirkl at