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Today is December 14, 2018

WAGPA Forms / Eligibility


Eligibility: All A-8 members of the Wisconsin PGA and registered associates are considered WAGPA members and may participate as long as they are in good standing with the PGA of America.  Any suspended member or associate may not participate in events.  A terminated associate MAY NO LONGER join WAGPA as a pre-associate after their 8 years are up, they must re-register with the PGA of America.

Pre-associate applicants must be employed in an eligible employment classification in the Wisconsin Section.  Pre-associates are eligible to join WAGPA for a MAXIMUM OF TWO YEARS prior to registering into the PGA PGM program.  Pre-associates may apply for an extension after two years to the WPGA Tournament Policy Board.
Please note by joining WAGPA as a pre-associate it does not give you affiliation with the PGA of America.  Your introductory membership is being granted by the Wisconsin Section, PGA and all questions on the membership should be directed to the Section office.  Information on how to start the process of becoming a PGA member will be included with your pre-associate welcome packet.
***Once you join WAGPA as a Pre-Associate, you are a professional and your amateur status is forfeited. If your membership with WAGPA has expired and you wish to get your amateur status reinstated, please find more information on www.usga.org and contact them directly to begin the process.*** 
2018 WAGPA Pre-Associate Rules Test  (Must be filled out along with application)