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2022 Wisconsin State Open Player Information


Congratulations on qualifying for this year’s event! This accomplishment places you in the company of a select group of golfers in the state, and we wish you the best of luck during the tournament.

Ozaukee Country Club
10823 North River Road
Mequon, WI  53092
(262) 242-3710

Head PGA Professional – Jason Rasmussen
General Manager – Will Norem
WGCSA Superintendent – Brett Hosler
Club President – Pam Stark

ELECTRONIC SCORING – Every player in the field will be scoring the event electronically via our Wisconsin PGA AppAll players will need a smartphone or mobile device with internet in order electronic score. We ask all players to come prepared and download the App in advance. Paper scorecards will be provided as a backup in case of an electronic failure.

REGISTRATION – Players should check in at the registration table upon arrival on day one. The registration table will be located out front of the Ozaukee CC clubhouse.

CADDIES & SPECTATORS are permitted. No restrictions, other than spectators should stay off to the side and keep up with the group they are following.

NO SPECTATOR GOLF CARS. (If capacity allows, Ozaukee CC may rent carts for disabled/handicapped individuals at their own discretion, please inquire with the facility a day in advance of the championship.)

FOOD & BEVERAGE – CASH PAYMENT ONLY – Food and Beverage purchases at Ozaukee CC must be made with cash. Please come prepared, there is no ATM onsite.

PRACTICE RANGE – TAKE NOTE  – The distance from the back of the practice tee to the final flagstick on the practice range is 265 yards. For this reason, we ask that you limit your driver use to a handful of shots prior to your tee time.

As you are playing no. 10 and 11 please follow directional signage and roping until you reach your tee shot. Be aware that there are safety buzzers that you can press if you need to enter the range area to play your next shot on those holes. Players should cease hitting on the practice range if they hear the buzzer.

The practice range should only be utilized for warming up prior to your round. It will open at 6:15 AM each day and close after the final group of the day has teed off. The putting and chipping greens will remain open until the end of the day.

PRACTICE ROUNDS – If you have not played or booked a tee time for your practice round already, Ozaukee CC will be able to accommodate limited times on both Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13. Times will be booked at the discretion of the golf shop staff. To inquire about availability please contact Ozaukee CC’s Golf Shop at (262) 242-3710 and state you are a Wisconsin State Open participant. The Ozaukee CC staff reserves the right to pair up fellow participants together for their practice round.

The rate is $70 + tax, which includes mandatory golf car. If golf cars are not available due to wet conditions, but the course is playable, the club will allow players to walk but the rate will remain the same.

Access is only provided for event participants. Players should pay with cash or you may charge it back to your club if you are a member at a private club in the Milwaukee area.

OPTIONAL SKINS GAME – An optional skins game will take place for the first two rounds of play. Eligible players will receive an email on Wednesday, August 10 with a link to pay online. The link and registration will close at 10 AM on Sunday, August 14. The cost will be $20 to participate. Payouts will be via direct deposit and conform with USGA amateur status rules. High School and College Players are ineligible to participate.

OVERFLOW PARKING – In the case of the Ozaukee CC parking lot being full, there will be auxiliary parking at Mequon Homestead High School on Mequon Road. A free shuttle service will transport players and spectators to and from the school.

Conduct Unbecoming:  During practice rounds and the tournament proper, any conduct which shows disrespect for the tournament committee, the PGA Code of Ethics, or the traditional etiquette of golf, shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action and could result in disqualification.

Golf Cars / Caddies / Carry Your Own Bag – Players may walk or ride in a golf car. If players elect to walk they may carry their own bag, use a caddie or use a push cart (with or without a caddie). Golf Car fees are included in your entry fee. Golf cars will be set up for two riders.

Only players will be allowed to ride in/on the golf cars. Players are asked to inform the WPGA of their intention to walk or ride. Please click here to respond if you have not done so already –

Dress Code Players & Caddies:  Proper golfing attire must be worn at all times during tournament qualifying and tournament proper rounds. The Tournament Chairperson or duly appointed staff may prohibit play by those who do not conform to dress standards as established by the Wisconsin PGA. The dress code will be enforced and you are being alerted now so that you can come prepared.

Male Contestants: Proper attire may consist of Bermuda length shorts or dress trousers, and a golf shirt. The wearing of jeans, cargo shorts, athletic shorts, cut off shorts, tank tops, tee shirts or anything of that nature WILL NOT be permitted.

All Caddies: Proper attire may consist of golf shorts or dress trousers, and a golf shirt. The wearing of jeans, cargo shorts, athletic shorts, cut off shorts, tank tops, tee shirts or anything of that nature WILL NOT be permitted.

Expected Pace of Play: If you choose to walk you will be expected to maintain the same pace of play as if you ride. The WPGA Pace of Play policy will be in effect throughout the event.  Monday & Tuesday – 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Weather Delays – If play is suspended the WPGA will provide updates and announce an official resumption time via text.


  1. Golf Cars – A breach of the golf car rules will fall under the code of conduct policy.
  2. Electronic Scoring – A refusal to electronic score will also fall under the code of conduct policy.
  3. Cell Phones & Music – A local rule has been put in place under rule 1.2b to address certain violations related to Cell Phone usage and the playing of music. The policy does not exempt a player from receiving the general penalty under the prohibited actions in rule 4.3a (4)
  4. The following penalty structure has been put in place to address violations under the Code of Conduct. First Breach – Warning, Second Breach – One-Stroke Penalty, Third Breach – Disqualification All other serious misconduct violations would fall under rule 1.2a.


  • Golf Shop Hours:  Open daily 6 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • Cut: The field will be cut to the low 60 scores and ties after the second round of play.
  • Wednesday Tee Times:  Pairings will be available online after 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday at The pairings will also be sent out via text to all the participants. Round Three will begin at 7:30 a.m. and Round Four will begin at 1:00 p.m.
  • Awards Presentation:  Immediately following completion of play Wednesday, near the putting green.







TITLE SPONSOR – The Wisconsin PGA is proud to have the Suter Ward Group at Morgan Stanley on board as the presenting sponsor of the 2022 event. With their support the event will feature a first-place professional prize estimated at $12,000.

SUPPORTED BY – TaylorMade Golf and Sentry. The WPGA appreciates their support of this great championship.